Thanks for coming to take a look at the programmes.

These are exercises that I have used myself, and for my Hip Dysplasia patients throughout our rehab journeys to help build strength and functional stability. It’s been a pleasure to put these together and I hope you get as much benefit as those so far.

I strongly believe that you should be able to walk before you run, and stand before you walk. The 30 Day Stand Stronger programme focuses on getting rid of old or compensatory habits that have built up over time, or lowering the chances of these occurring, to get you to stand well, with good core control and postures to reduce the chances of future pain or injury.

All programmes have access to message me at any time, to ask questions and problem solve any issues you may have. There is also a Facebook group “Help for Hip Dysplasia Community” for additional support from your peers, sharing information or videos.

Excited to start sharing these with you all and continuing to build this community.

Here’s what we have right now:

Help for Hip Dysplasia Patreon

Exercise with confidence, knowing that all of the content is designed with hip dysplasia as it’s core focus.

It includes:


Pre-recorded Pilates subscription (Non-hip specific)

Have a recording of the live and interactive zoom classes sent to your email each week. Follow along using the instruction and feedback of others to improve your technique, postural strength and stability.

The weekly links will stay open for 4 weeks so you can go back and repeat as often as you like, whenever and wherever it suits you.

Pilates Workshop

£15 - Thursday September 2nd at 9:30am

Pilates workshop at The Space, Burston. A 90 minute class with a full hour of pilates strength work, followed by 30 minutes of release and mobility techniques.

*The class will be recorded and sent to you afterwards. By booking your place, you consent to be recorded for the purpose of this distribution.